David’s bio.

by lisa (his sister)

I am in the posession of a unique artifact. A close personal knowledge of David Gary Coleman. You see, he was a very special person.And he was my Brother.
People who met him always walked away with some kind of WOW.
David was born in 1962 in Los Angeles. I remember my sister and I eating grapes, peeled by our grandmother, and waiting for mom and dad to get home with THE BABY!
I thought his name was Davis.
Later he told me his name was DAOUD.
David could speak any language he wanted to learn, and to such a degree that Parisians would ask what part of paris he lived, or there was the time that the arabic woman at that Hollywood coffee shop asked him how long he had been in this country.

One of David’s languages of choice was music. He was a true multi-instrumentalist his whole life. he could pick anything up and make music with it. but to limit household fights we divvyed up the gear….he was mainly a cellist and drummer/percussionist, oh and bass player. and yeah really a great guitar player, and ofcourse the OUD! which was a key signature sound on AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY 1985, Prince and the Revolution., which was Written by DAVID and PRINCE. oh yeah…and finger cymbals!
david was a goldmine when prince met him. so full of ideas and talent and he had a lot of fun toys….ie….finger cymbals…flutes…..that quater-tone cello style………….
David was always involved in music and played with astists all over the world, including The Rainbirds (germany), Jaramar (mexico), Prince (around the world in a…..), Wendy and Lisa, Michael Penn, Rusted Root, Aimee Mann, Sheila E (remember that Glamous Life lead line? …yup, david!)……..and on and on.
David was poet, an artist, a composer, and musician. His work will be featured online both here, at my father’s website politcalmusik.com and at my website wendyandlisa.com

We are lucky he left us with so much to read, look at and listen to……

David died in 2004 from an enlarged heart.
We miss him and our hearts swell at the thought of him.